The American Antiquarian Society



1 – Digital: The Society makes available, without charge, all of our existing medium resolution (up to 72 dpi) digital images that are in the public domain to be used for any purpose under the terms of a Creative Commons LicenseNo permission is required.*

2 – Print: To request a high-resolution image (maximum 240 dpi at 125% tiff files)**, please complete an Image Request Form indicating your intended use of the image(s). The Image Request Form must be completed in full and can be submitted electronically, by email, fax, or postal mail. For all high-resolution images, the Society charges a processing fee (per order) and, when new photography/scanning is required, a shot fee (per image). The processing fee is higher when the intended use of the image(s) is for a commercial enterprise (textbook, trade book, popular magazine, advertising, merchandise, etc.). All fees will be quoted and must be paid in advance. The Society may waive the processing fee in exchange for a copy of a book in which the image is published.


(via @nicolebelolan)


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