University of Leiden / Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands



The Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) has brought in more than 2,400 photos to Wikipedia. Leiden University Libraries (UBL), which manages this photo collection, has made this donation possible together with the Working Group on Special Scientific Libraries (WSWB). Imports of these images in Wikimedia Commons (the “Image Database” of Wikipedia) was done by Special Wikipedian in Residence, Hans Muller. The importance of the donation is the improvement of access to the history of Indonesia and India. The photos may be used in articles in Wikipedia, but are also now easily accessible for research and use in articles, blogs and various other applications.

Due to this donation to the Wikimedia Commons, the historical photos are also available for the public domain. This means that everyone is allowed to use the pictures for free and thus this photo collection has a much more global audience. The worldwide public also has an opportunity to improve and supplement the captions of the photographs when needed.


(via @icpetrie)


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