National Maritime Museum, Royal Museums Greenwich


Conditions: Getting images free from the NMM requires fulfilling certain conditions. They give a 100% academic discount for runs below 1000 editions, as below.

‘Discounts on reproduction fees are available for images used on interior pages of scholarly and not-for-profit publications, see the table below. This discount does not include supply fees. A minimum £50 spend applies per order.’

UP TO 3000 30%
UP TO 2000 50%
UP TO 1000 100%

The £50 minimum fee is a cost but the images available for this cost if the conditions are fulfilled makes this offer a bargain. File under ‘nearly free’.

In addition:

‘Conditions of free images

As long as low resolution files are already available on the Picture Library website: can download these files for free under the following conditions:

  • Academic Press publications, scholarly journals and self-published family history books with a print or e-book run under 500.
    (this does not include front or back cover use which does incur a fee).
  • Academic thesis and student essays, which are not being published.
  • Free educational lectures or classes.
  • Private websites and blogs with a primarily informational purpose.
  • Low resolution files are 72 dpi and 800 pixels maximum length.
  • A maximum of 15 low resolution images can be used in any single project.
  • If you re-print the project at a later date, then a fee would need to be paid for the re-print.

High resolution files are subject to a fee.’



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