Art Images for College Teaching



Permission is herin granted:

  • to academic institutions to use these images freely and without further authorization in conjunction with educational activities such as teaching, research, and scholarly publication;
  • to academic personnel for creative utilization of these images–including electronic enhancement, modification, manipulation, or combination with other free use images–in conjunction with teaching and learning activities;
  • and to libraries and archives to store, display, transmit, and disseminate these images through any appropriate means–including photomechanical and electronic–in support of such bona fide non-profit activities. Web-based dissemination of these images, even if “re-purposed” by removing them from the AICT website and mounting them in other contexts, is specifically authorized for educational institutions.

Because it is AICT‘s goal to offer teachers and students absolute freedom to use these image resources in any application that is both educational in intent and non-commercial in nature, users may download image files from the AICT website pages, or may link directly to individual image files on this site. There is no requirement that AICT images so used be password protected, encrypted, or otherwise gated. AICT images may be incorporated into resource sharing projects with affiliated campuses and consortium partner institutions. Authorization is also specifically granted to educational institutions to make derivative copies available to their affiliated personnel, including students.

While identification of derivative copies with the source note “AICT/Allan T. Kohl” would be appreciated, omission of such credit does not invalidate the general permissions given above.

Please respect the integrity of this educational resource by refraining from any use of these images that is not truly educational and non-commercial in nature. All commercial rights pertaining to the utilization, publication, or distribution of these images for profit or revenue generation (including institutional development and promotional activities, as opposed to curricular support) are reserved by the copyright holder. Commercial publishers and producers wishing to make use of AICT images should contact the author about specific licensing conditions.



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