Digital Bodleian, Bodleian Libraries



Digital Bodleian is the Bodleian Libraries’ core platform for delivering digitized images of the Bodleian’s unique collections, as well as born-digital images from those collections, and as such aims to support and facilitate research, learning, teaching and engagement with those collections, for the widest possible audience. The terms of use described here will apply to the majority of Bodleian Libraries content on the site, but some items may have particular restrictions or may belong to others – for example, one of Oxford University’s colleges, and therefore users must check the individual terms of use for each item before reusing the content.

Subject to the caveats above, most of the images on Digital Bodleian are made available under a Creative Commons non-commercial license, with attribution (CC-BY-NC 4.0: This means that users are able to use, distribute, remix, and adapt the images made available on Digital Bodleian, for non-commercial purposes only.

When reusing images from Digital Bodleian – so, where you distribute, disseminate or communicate the content to another person – you must (wherever possible) acknowledge the source of the content by including (at least) the following information: “[shelfmark or other identifier]”, Image: “[Holding institution, e.g. Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford]”. Please:

  • link to Digital Bodleian as the source of the content;
  • include any relevant copyright notice provided by Digital Bodleian on the content, or alternatively in the following format: “Copyright © [name of copyright owner][year of first publication]“; and
  • refer to the Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC 4.0.



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