National Gallery of Denmark


Conditions: The National Gallery of Denmark has initiated the campaign SMK Open to digitise and make available their collections with no restrictions

‘During the first stage of the project, some 40,000 works will be made accessible. Approximately 15,000 of these will be available as high-resolution files that anyone can use for any purpose – for example for books, teaching materials, online blogs, Wikipedia articles, film and TV productions, to decorate their living rooms, their local area etc. Anything is possible. In the SMK Open project, each digitised work will get its own digital page that not only includes its image, but also supplementary materials such as film clips, articles, audio tracks, X-ray photographs of the work and information on any upcoming events or exhibitions that involve the work.

All copyright-free works can be used by anyone for any purpose. This means that all Danes – indeed everyone in the world – are free to access, download and use this digital treasure trove of art. Users can also add their own comment on works, contribute information or engage the museum staff in conversations about the art.’




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