State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg


Conditions: Partially free. Images may be used free of charge for some kinds of academic work. However, images for publications still need to be requested and paid for as usual.

The State Hermitage permits the use of the pictures of items from its collections and also the views of its buildings and halls that are published on the website for personal, educational and information purposes:

  • the creation of educational handouts
  • school and student projects
  • the illustration of lectures, papers presented at scholarly conferences and symposia, PowerPoint presentations and other interactive forms used for the presentation of scholarly works*
  • use in dissertations*
  • use in news programmes by the mass media
  • For the categories of use listed above it is not necessary to make separate application to the Hermitage for permission.

* Note that when images from this site are to be used in reports, presentations, the materials of scholarly conferences/symposia/dissertations in the event of their subsequent publication –in either printed or electronic format – the user should apply to be granted the appropriate permission.

To receive high-resolution images and to use pictures of the buildings, interiors and works of art from the Hermitage collection in commercial or scholarly publications, applications should be submitted in writing and written permission should be obtained from the museum in advance.



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